Communication, the exchange of ideas and information focused on transparency and frankness, are the key aspects on which our teamwork and customer relations are built.


We study the best feasibility – cost – lead time combination on a case-by-case basis. Our extensive experience helps us to find the most suitable solutions to fully satisfy the customer’s requests and specifications.


Since our company was founded, innovation has always been the core element of our philosophy, from the design and building of ad hoc plant systems and machinery, to the study of specific processing systems to achieve new solutions and constantly improve the quality of the product.


The ongoing pursuit of quality and its constant improvement are essential aspects for us. Along the entire production chain from design and engineering to assembly, we dedicate our utmost attention to the details that make the difference..


Pozzi Mario applies a methodology based on precision, strict compliance and attention to detail. Our daily commitment is dedicated to the pursuit of the most innovative technologies and the best solutions, which also take into account the economic aspects.

Customer care

We provide a tailored approach to the project, also guaranteeing a consulting service regarding the organisation of the processes. We respond swiftly to customer requests, even attempting, where possible, to anticipate them.