Pozzi Mario from the past to the future


The goldsmith’s workshop is founded
The company was founded in 1957 by Mario Pozzi who, during a period of strong development in the goldsmith sector, decided to take an entrepreneurial approach, opening his own workshop in the historic centre of Vicenza.

1950s – 60s

The goldsmith business expands
Work rates are growing and new ideas and initiatives are being developed. The small goldsmith’s workshop increases its business turnover and soon becomes a company with employees.


Mario Pozzi’s production focuses on the watchmaking sector
The sudden peak in the price of gold and the consequent dip in demand push Mario Pozzi to explore new sectors. And this brings us to watchmaking.

1970s – 80s

The company specialises in the production of watch cases
The firm’s passion for its work and a strong predisposition towards mechanics lead it focus on the production and specialisation in watch cases made of gold and subsequently in non-precious metals for large series productions. The materials used are brass followed by stainless steel and titanium.


The start of major investments in technology
Since the 1990s Mario Pozzi and his sons Pierangelo and Andrea have focused their attention on gold with investments in advanced technology, something that was to become a cornerstone of the development of the business. This period witnesses the start of the in-house design and construction of machines and numerical control systems and equipment for the machining of watch parts.


A decisive drive in Research and Development
In these years, Pierangelo Pozzi’s passion for electronics and mechanics is expressed further with the design and construction of Multi-Axis Machining Centres with specific characteristics for watch cases, and able to produce the finishes necessary for the high quality required.


The Pozzi Mario headquarters moves to Arcugnano (Vicenza)
In 1998 the business moved to the new and larger plant facility in Arcugnano (Vicenza).

2002 – 2004

Investments in new technologies continue
Continuous casting and vacuum casting smelting of alloys produced in-house for the foundry department is introduced while a numerical control hydraulic press starts operating in the moulding and preparation department. Laser technology was introduced in 2004

2004 to today

Innovation and pursuit of new solutions
From 2004 onwards we started to differentiate and expand production, with the realisation of buckles and parts for bracelets, crowns and buttons. In this same period we also increased the research and development of products, introducing ourselves from a more consulting perspective to our customers.