“Customer relations built on transparency, with an ambitious goal: to deliver products with unique quality”

Since the day it was founded, Pozzi Mario’s corporate mission has been characterised by a strong spirit of collaboration with customers and stakeholders alike for the development of complex products which require strong synergies in order to achieve the best possible results.
We have always initiated partnerships with micro-mechanical and gold bracelet enterprises.


Consolidated experience joins forces with continuous innovation-based research
Our guidelines: technical culture, craftsmanship, innovation. Our methodology is based on accuracy and precision, to achieve excellent results which are flexible to adapt to the most complex demands. We work with availability and transparency alongside our customers, sharing results, progress and knowledge.


We translate our customers’ ideas into unique products
Pozzi Mario’s mission has always focused on the most advanced technology, from the CAD design phase to smelting and machining processes, from engineering to assembly. We guarantee specialisation, attention to detail and accurate workmanship to each and every customer.


We are able to respond to the most varied requests with utmost professionalism and timeliness.